Fandom Obsession

ohh :'(

Fandom’s… Dang!! They get to us, don’t they??

Okay, get this. I’m merely TRYING (caps = extra emphasis) to reciprocate the effects that fandom’s tend to have on us. I will try my best to drill my words to describe these effects accurately

Ah! These fandoms!!

Note: to those who live under a boulder and don’t know the meaning of fandom. I have 2 things for you.

1)  This Post isn’t for you.

2) Fandom – urban dictionary

Line breaks: fan¦dom

Pronunciation: /ˈfandəm/

2.1 [COUNT NOUN] The fans of a particular person, team, fictional series, etc. regarded collectively as a community or subculture.

They may leave, deep, dirty scars behind, {I’m imagining something like the lightening scar on harry’s head (oh! come on even a non potter head can understand that!)} or a feeling very similar to butterflies fluttering deep down our gut. It sparks a fire, of uncouth and relentless interest, which may be temporary (the sparked fire HP lit in me is still glowing, still thermal and luminescent), but its short lived warmth cannot be compromised.

To all those “fandom- obsessed maniacs” like me, this feeling isn’t alien.

Just few pages over the book, and that’s when you make the choice. If you find the story even mildly fuelling your interests and presuppositions then you open the portal and delve deep into fanatic world, enjoy a full and fulfilling dip in the endless seas of imagination before springing out. If it doesn’t catch your appeal, let’s just say the portal lays obscure, closed and unwanted.

The smiles :’)  :

Those delinquent curves, tugging at our mouth when we read something that smears a fascination in us, something delicately entrancing, it is something we can all relate to. We’ve all been through this. Whether it is a beautiful line or quick-witted sarcasm or the black hat getting beat up. The exact explanation of this feeling or its cause is something very close to pride. It is pride that we are reading/ (I don’t discriminate) watching it, assimilating into a part of the fandom.

The tear drops 😥

Oh! Did the author actually, glossing over all my pleadings (in my mind, of course) actually do this? “Pain”… “Sorrow” “happiness”…..  This is when you understand, you are actually into the book. You make the characters your own and feel emotions such as hate, love, pride etc, towards them. For let’s be honest, practically all of us, shed a few, for Augustus Waters and Albus Dumbledore and Leo Valdez (PJ/HOO spoiler alert: he doesn’t die, he ends up in Calypso’s island). You feel hollow, left with intense burning in your throat. The character is either you fictional love, or brother or just the favorite.

The O.T.P (One True Pair

The most bizarre thing about the whole reading experience is when you fall in love with the OTP. These are the characters, you’ve wished, got together from the very beginning of the book. And, even when the slightest tinge of attraction erupts between them, with a trifle hint in the pages, your senses spring up. (Percabeth). Bells ring around you and it puts in a state where you feel you are ready to do almost anything to get them together. Often, invariably, one of them dies. And at this point, you are ready to personally strangle the author. The grief vanquishes over the air of “sweet romance”.

By the time you are done with the book, you are an integral part of the fandom, sharing all its sentiments. It is said that books develop a sense of belonging. It couldn’t be truer. As we decipher the emotional code of the characters, we learn to understand our ourselves, and those enveloping us.

_____ F.O.M


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