My Escorts

Hey!!! something outta the blue down here 🙂

Beneath an orchard, sequined with fruits of thoughts,

Bequeathed to me by the unseen, the almighty,

The satiny grass rubs against my back,

And as Goosebumps stand,

I let the whirlpool of philosophical thoughts, pull me in,

I envisage

The numerous bumps, life brings,

Adorned and disguised

But plenty formidable, in every sense,

And the snares shrouded by ignorance,

Scathe me, bringing searing pain,

But, just in time, I am, to remember, that,

None, but faith, boundless and infinite

Can escort me.

None, but courage, held constant

None, but my own willing and skilled hands,

Can escort me

From the trenches of suffering

To the havens of bliss,

I realize, that knocked out, by life’s hands

I must rise, and mount the stead of perseverance, that,

Can escort me.

Through the inevitable bends

Of life.

_ F.O.M

note: I’m trying to compare goosebumps with the ups and downs of life 🙂  shallow, i know.. but i couldn’t think of something different for emphasizing on the fact that, no road is straight 🙂

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