No-school November- A complete No-No

Okay! I never actually thought I’d every let these words escape my mouth, but – I wish they’d stop with the rain holidays.
Granted, there were days, when I hadn’t seen to the end of my homework, or felt that school life was getting parched, and those days, I’d frantically prayed, for spells of rain, enough to convince my school to declare a holiday.

And right until this year, occurrences of these, much-anticipated rain holidays were sporadic.

We’d pray, yearn and crave, for that 1 extra holiday, and the thrill it sparked cannot be compromised for.

Now I’m flipping  these prayers – praying for school.

It is a saying that
the comfort of a shade, is the play of the sun

And I dearly miss school.

I pine for the ridiculous jokes made in class, the pointless chatter in the bus and nicking others pencils and lunch.

I even miss the drawling voices of the teachers as they engage in their futile attempts to penetrate my thick head and reprimand me. (And fill my head with monotonous tufts of knowledge) :p

And it’s absolute drudgery to just sit at home, with nothing to occupy me and help while away the time.  (No, studying has never been an option)

Much as I anticipate reopening of school, every day, I’m pelted with the news of the waterlogged roads.  😦

So roads please acknowledge my pleas and dry up ASAP 🙂


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