Love Paradise

bello!! :’)
happy valentines day guys :’)
i just had to write something for all the valentines’ out there
this is some sort of valentine’s day post.
and no, that doesn’t mean i’m in love ❤


Not of flowers it smells
not of perfume it reeks
no vibrant colors  embellish  walls
no ribbons adorn the ceiling

drops of blood from a bleeding heart
brackish tears burning the scars
from all the previous one’s
is what you shall stumble upon here
this is the place I have for you
this is the place I save for you

sieved parts of my pierced heart
parts removed from the engravings
of assorted names,
of those who left behind the scars
sopping blood,  bright dazzling  red
strident ,  deplorable echoes
passionate ones of pain
begging to mend the broken heart
this is the place I retain for you

with your soft lips will you heal my severed heart
with your shielding arms
squeeze out my insecurities that;
have taken claim of my heart?
in this place, away from prying eyes,
will your heart beat in synch with mine?
in  this place, where no one dares tread
due to the jagged shards ,Of my broken soul

will you heal me ??
will you love me?


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