I- I… c-ca- can’t hold on!” he wailed, gasping for breath as the current  slammed him against the log he was cleaving to, his prized treasure at the moment, and receded seeking to haul him to his end.

His hold tightened. The vile and pounding rain mixed with his sweat and ran down his shirtless torso, crafting numerous labyrinths.

Positioned securely on the jagged rock, that jutted out, probably a god-sent; she could catch sight of the apparent regret in his eyes.
She always knew his proclaimed love wasn’t something that came from his heart. She always knew her dad’s sudden soaring of assets and money, participated in her love story and made it a love triangle.
It was always money for him and him for her.
But never in her 21 short, dismal years, had she even let herself think that such an angel as him would take her hands in his, and melt her heart into a mercuric puddle, that leapt a 5’3 at the thought of him (yes, that was her height).
Never had she fathomed such an abrupt end to this bliss.
And BY NO MEANS ever had she believed that CHENNAI, of all the places would experience such a flood.

And all those days spiraled in her album of memories

sitting under a banyan tree, as he traced his long calloused fingers over her dainty knuckles in circles.
the smell of his cologne hitting her, as he squeezed the space in between them, unfurling his fingers running caresses down her neck, and thrusting his lips to hers that sent electricity coursing through her , with force far exceeding the  irrepressible waves in the beaches that crashed against the rocks obstructing its way.

But today’s  “waves”  weren’t pleasing her or appeasing her senses.
instead they managed to brim her up with a sense of dread and hollowness, for these were the waves that could loosen the hold that her angel had over life.

and now, he’d put himself in this situation, trying to save her, trying to get her on the rock, again more out of gallantry than love.
if she held out her hand to him, she could heave him up the rock, but the force would send her off to her end.
but she didn’t even let the choice erupt in her mind.
Her hands, she extended, her angel would live.


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