I, Me, Myself , and my Blog

It takes me herculean effort to introduce myself in person, to new faces. i usually just stand there stammering, or just ask a mutual friend to introduce me, at which instance I stand awkwardly, gawking, prying with all desperateness, to get past that moment.
but, please don’t misconstrue this to mean I’m a shy person . and please don’t make the mistake of thinking i talk less, or that I’m sane.
I’m not

so let me start off, with the classic- intro method
born on the auspicious day, of 14th January, named Aadya Swaminathan, by those who brought me in (whats in a name though?), growing like a tree, 16, and desperately “hoping not to crash and burn , in the lap of adolescence”.

Wanna know more?? 
I’m a person with a stretched-to-the-breaking-point thin, divider, between reality and imagination (a lot like Anne Shirley)
As a result, you can find me, curled up on a couch, pouring over pages of imagination. (booooks <3)
I read a lot.
And, I am simply, irrevocably in love with the harry potter series.
as if all this isn’t weird enough, to make you raise you eyebrows- i spend practically all of my non-book-reading time, obsessing over fandoms and fangirling.

And i’m a socially awkward freak.

Why, i write?? 

I don’t really know for sure, but i feel like all those, who have an affinity towards books, are likely to be good with words. and it is also probably because, i feel so much more secure with a pen in my hand or brushing my fingers over the alphabetical keys on my keyboard.
everybody has different ways of expressing themselves. some have multiple ways, like me. but it is usually the one where there is no injected pressure, that we prefer. the one where thoughts just flow out, with nothing to dam them with. my blog is such to me
about the blog. 

the first warning i shall dish out is – don’t! Don’t try to comprehend me by using these words as a bridge.
you will never know, what i really meant unless you were inside my head, living through my emotions and whirring thoughts when i wrote them.

this blog tell you stories.
in the form of poems and writings
and it tells you stories
that may have had the privilege
to have been part of my life
of things i feel, the world needs to know
things the world needs to know from my point of view .

please don’t hesitate to go through all my posts and please provide me with reviews
i’m an amateur.
thank you
signing off
– F.O.M ( Fandom Obsessed Maniac)